Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jack: We saw Michel!
Kernel: Hey dummy, you did notice that I was here too!?
Jack: Michel looked great!
Kernel: If she was not my master, I would have humped her leg!
Jack: It was so great to see her!
Kernel: She probably thought that we forgot her!
Jack: She is unforgettable, she would never think that!
Kernel: I hope not.
Jack: Does my ass stink?
Kernel: Nope, smells like teen spirit!
Both: woof lol woof woof LOL!!!
Jack: Did Otin call Michel a bitch?
Kernel: He was just trying to help her maintain a certain image!
Jack: He better be joking or I will neuter the bastard!
Both: Growllll! Don't F with our Michel!!!!!


  1. dang look who flew in before me..

  2. when you guys neuter otin can I watch...LOL

  3. I only want to know that Otin was neutered after the fact. I most certainly do not want to watch.

    Dar, do you realize you'd have to see his 'boys' if you watched this procedure? Is that really what you want?

    Sorry, Otin. I'm not 'for it' or anything, but if it happens, can someone please let me know?

  4. If the doggie's neutered Otin, they would probably....

    well you know what they would do with his junk.

  5. Bitches, all of you! Leave my berries on the tree lol!

  6. bet it would be the only time they would play fetch...LOL

  7. Hit 40 good point I did not think that through.. so I would want to be in the next room to hear all the barking!

  8. shoot some marbles or something

  9. PEOPLE! My babies are not old enough for this kinda talk! KEEP IT CLEAN.

    Aren't they adorable!?!

    I KEEP FORGETTING THIS POST IS HERE! I always think this is MY post and I'm all confused as to why it's in my google reader! Being me, i just! I'm jsut that good! hahahaha


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