Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Two

Jack: You smell any good ass lately?

Kernel: Nah, too busy licking myself!

Jack: Thats why your breath stinks!

Kernel: We are in Sudan, everything stinks!

Jack: Where is Michel? I am damned hungry!

Kernal: She's buried in a box of little Debbies!

Both: woof laugh woof laugh!

Jack: I just peed, don't walk over there.

Kernel: OOH! I need to go smell it!

Jack: you are a sick puppy!

Kernel: You are the one that likes cat shit!

Jack: Michel likes cat food pate

Kernel: Yea, Michel has some strange quirks

Jack: Yep, she makes us ball sniffing, poo eating, pee wherever you want too,canines appear pretty normal!

Kernel: I still love her!

Jack: That's because she feeds us , you idiot!!!!


  1. Jack and Kernel are dogs??? I had no idea! The first couple of lines sounded like any two guys talking! LOL!

  2. Boys! I HEARD THAT! Bad babies! Time out!

  3. LOL, dang your dogs are even self centered..>;-)

  4. We need to find you boys a couple girlfriends.

  5. LOL at Otin's comment! Jack, shame on you for eating cat shit; I thought Lexi was the only one that did that crap!

    Hope Michel feeds you guys before she overdoses on the Debbies.

  6. Wait, I thought you guys were not in Sudan, you were waiting at home for Michel to get back from sudan. What the hell, now I'm confused.
    Come here and I'll scratch your belly for a little bit, then you can smell my dogs butts (both dogs).

  7. Listen Bambi, we are always with Michel in spirit! Question me again and I will shed fleas all over your head!


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